Wedding Day Video

The wedding day can be a day of love, joy, happiness, stress… all in one emotion!  The way I look at weddings is that it is the most important day in the couple’s lives.  From this day on the couple join together in every step of their lives: buying the next car, house, getting another job, having children… on and on.  When I am part of someone who’s trusted me to video this most important of days, I am very careful to look for those details that will make the whole difference…  the smiles, the laughter, the love everyone shares in this day!  The wedding day brings everyone together and it is a great time to get those photos that for the most part would be impossible to get because everyone is out in different directions doing their lives and it’s very hard to get them all together… unless it’s a wedding.  A wedding seems to be that one day where everyone will make an excuse to come and be part of this special day in a couple’s lives… precisely because it’s just that!

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