The Magic in Your Mind


As my life unfolded before me over the years, there has been many instances where I thought about the purpose of my own existence.  Whether good or bad, I’ve always have come to the conclusion that I have a higher purpose on this earth other than just being me.  As I’ve become a husband and later a father, I’ve come to enjoy the magic of family.  I’ve had many successes in my professional life and I enjoy a relatively good life.  Yet, I’m still missing something that I haven’t quite put my finger on.  I believe that this intuition, this feeling of incompletion, is the calling of a higher power that is constantly nagging at your heart of hearts to reach higher and to look for meaning deeper within you.  God is the my source of inner power.  To many it might be some other type of spiritual source that gives them the strength, the imagination, to always look for that which is outside of them, yet, it grows within.  Whatever it may be, whatever drives you, I believe there is always a higher purpose to every single one of us.  My hope is that I never rest and feel comfortable with just merely being, but that I will always seek learning more about what drives me and maybe what drives others as well, so that I can learn from them and from the One which all power comes from to be and to use all that is me for a higher purpose.  I read this article: The Magic In Your Mind that I found to be very useful in my journey.  Many people, and I’m no exception, have forgotten that inner child who was always coming up with crazy ideas, crazy dreams, and goals.  We’ve successfully shut that part of us down and put it aside, and instead, replaced it with day to day struggles; work, mortgage, car payments, credit card debt, etc.  The Magic In Your Mind article talks about stepping outside that daily struggle and look for something more that comes from within that has always been there but over our adult lives, we’ve buried under worries, depression, anxiety and literally shut down our imagination.  We’ve become sick!  I hope you get a moment to see what this article is all about, and really do a mental check up of your present state and see if there are improvements that could be made in your live.  I tell you, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I guarantee you!

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