Simple and Beautiful



There are a lot of simply beautiful moments, that, for the most part, we pass by and don’t even realize the importance of, that sparkle, that small part of the universe we just simply ignore.  That little sparkle won’t change your life, it won’t make you rich, or wiser… it won’t give you anything other than, when you do notice it… you feel a connection to something bigger that yourself.  To live a full life, to live every moment, in the moment doesn’t mean being successful in your job, or earning millions of dollars, or being famous… it means to notice what is important around you: family, people, children, the world!  If you fail to notice these things doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it just means you are missing most of what makes life so much richer.  Simplicity in it self is beautiful; simplicity in spirit and soul gives you the power to see beyond what everyone else wants you to see.  It gives you the ability to see the beautiful in everyone and in everything.  So when I take these pictures, I look for what is simple and beautiful because I want to preserve that moment for me to come back to and relive it.  When I post these pictures, I am hoping to bring that same feeling to the viewers.  Enjoy!




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