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Real Estate video is a way for Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and just anyone who wants to showcase their beautiful homes; for sale or just to show off!  With all the the venues Social Media provides everyone, it’s very easy to reach a lot of people very quickly using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.  If you own your own website, it is very easy to embed the videos and show them off there as well.  You don’t have to be an expert in social trends to quickly see that video is the way to showcase just about anything.  People prefer video almost to anything else out there that is trying to get their attention, and when presented well, with good content that offers solutions to what they are trying to solve, video is very powerful.  If you don’t believe me, just walk into any of the most popular giant stores and look for all the TV screens they have showcasing a lot of the products they have to offer.  Video is BIG and getting bigger and there isn’t a better time to showcase your product/service/idea too!

For this reason, I am excited to be able to offer video for my customers who see the potential that video offers.  Video is not only for Real Estate… it can be a way for you to show what drives you everyday: a product that you are passionate about, a service you wish you could show people what you do, a store, a coffee shop, I mean I could go on and on… the many ways you can use video for are virtually endless!  I have some examples of what I use video for in my YouTube channel you can visit by going here:  I use video to show my passion for pumpkin carving, cooking, tutorials, reviews, etc… check it out!

If you have any ideas that you think video would be a great way to showcase them, give me a call and lets see where it goes… I would love to work with you.  I have a friend who has a great idea on how he wants to show people how to clean and keep clean wheelchairs for disabled people like him.  We are making plans to shoot this video within the next few weeks.  To me that’s where the power of video is the most visible because it gives people the ability to show others what they are passionate about.  I have another friend who wants to get started in Vlogging and I am more than happy to help him do that as well.  Vlogging, or video blogging, is a way for people to showoff their creativity or would like to express their opinions about issues going on in the world.  Either way it’s another way that video is a powerful tool that’s not going away anytime soon!


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