DSLR-Manual Mode-The #1 Tip That Will Make Everything Else Easier

I bet you’ve watched playlist after playlist of YouTube videos and read volumes of photography blogs and you think you are pretty informed on the subject when it comes to your brand new DSLR.  The only problem is that you also wished that out of all the countless hours you’ve spent doing the research on how to operate your camera in Manual Mode, someone had cut through all the clutter and simply gave you the #1 tip that would have saved you immense frustration when your images came out either over exposed or under exposed!  My hope is that this is the first blog you’ve read on the subject on your way to learning everything else you’ll ever need to know about your DSLR camera.  If that is the case then here it is: out of everything else you’ll need to know on how to operate your DSLR camera in Manual Mode, the number one tip is to learn how to use the camera’s light Metering System!  That’s it!  That is the one function that will make  your life so much easier on the road to learning all the functions your DSLR camera offers in Manual Mode!  

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